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    November 29, 2013
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business in america. then share it with the gretawire community., let's get the economy moving together. good night. we will see you tomorrow at 7 p.m. thanksgiving and happy ha too. we'll see you back here tomorrow. special report is next. very little res the very little rest for owe bow ma care supporters. this is "special report." >> good evening. i'm doug mckelway.i'm president obama and his guests e enjoy thanksgiving tidings of turkey, ham and stuffing and a choice of nine pies. there are likely techies toiling over an obamacare website that is supposed to beg fixed. at least almost fixed this weekend. d. white house correspondent wendell tells us it's a big job getting even bigger. >> as the president and his
family prepared to eat a turkey he hadn't pardoned for thanksgiving din e, republicans were giving thanks for the task of the it team, computer work around to bolster their claim the affordable care act was poorly design ed from the ground up. >> the website is still crashing, still not delivering what the american people want, answers to their questions about costs and benefits. >> the latest effort unconfirm ed from the white house is said to help people more quickly choose insurance plans by estimating their government subsidies. insurance companies are concerned they may have to change premiums they promised subscribers. the report comes a day after officials down played the announcement the online website for small business sign ups will be delayed another year. >> many of them today are served using agents and brokers. there's a particular mechanism that we have outlined today in many cases something very familiar with the small business
community and something that will work for them. >> since most small businesses aren't required to offer health insurance to workers, the president barack obama administration wants to make it as easy as possible and encourage it. in 2009 snow and other republicans supported the online signups, one of the few elements that attracted bipartisan support. experts say the federal government often overpays for information technology and what it gets underperforms. you getting more for the government it dollar is something both parties agree on. >> $82 billion worth of it intending, this is not the only failed project under this and previous administrations. getting precurement right is going to take legislative
changes. >> conley is working with congressman on a federal it reform bill he says would address problems of the affordable care act. he says it won't be easy to change the system. he suggests the fact president barack obama is the first u.s. president to have regular access to e-mails and shows how far the federal government is behind the private sector. >> wendell, thank you. >> an examination of some of the fine print in the health care law has a lot of people upset. they say obama care is antimarriage. molly tells us why. >> married couples may get less in obama care subsidies than unmarried couples. the subsidies, taxpayer given to people to help them pay for health insurance is based on income and federal poverty dollar. an individual making $45960 or below is eligible. two individual, a couple living
together not married could each make $45960 for a total income of $91920 and each would still qualify for subsidies. compare that to married people. a married couple making $62040 or less qualifies for subsidies. that's tens of thousands of less than the $91,000 two unmarried people can make and be eligible critics say the obama care encourages people not to get married. >> if you have a couple, particularly without children, the advantage is remain unmarried and live together. >> others say this wasn't meant to be a marriage penalty. it's what happens when the go. ties programs the to federal poverty level. >> i don't think there's reason to believe anybody was trying to discourage marriage. it comes from the common sense that two people married can live together more cheaply than two people living separately.
>> still the money that married people will not get from the government is a significant sum. >> it can easily amount to four to $5,000 per couple per year. over ten years could be $50,000. >> burton says change the obama care law and raise the subsidy level for married couples to the same level as two unmarried people. molly henburg in washington, fox news. >> thank you. many catholics are upset at the word we brought you last night that president barack obama is moving the vatican embassy. james rosen tells us tonight there's more to the story. the vatican is not only the headquarters for the roman catholic church but also the crucial listening post. the vatican maintains diplomatic relations with every country in the world. >> we regularly coordinate the
embassy to the vatican. >> # they're planning to move it from this location in rome, two miles to this run slightly closer to the holy sea. the old one, state officials call ugly and lightly protected with no buffer from the street. the new location, walled off compound will host three embassy, mission to the vatican, republican of italy and u.n. offices in rome. the resident will stay put. the embassy will almost double in square footage. all three will have separate entrance, addresses and no reduction in the stat us the of the ambassador. we figure the state department official told monday that we'll save $1.4 million a year in operating costs. the vatican has asked countries maintain the embassy to holy sea and italy at separate locations.
critics of the move say the oldle location was amply protected and wonder if politics are playing a role. >> i think it's insult to american catholics for member of the roman vatican now to have to come inside the compound of the embassy of the republic of italy to see the ambassador to the holy sea as a complication. it's a diminishment of their importance. >> raymond served as u.s. am ambassador to the vatican. bush tweeted why would our president close our embassy to the vatican? >> under president george w. bush the state department appears to have take tennessee first steps to acquire the property on which the new embassy is to be housed. the move is scheduled a year
from now. >> thank you james. >> up next, the holiday tradition wildly popular with some and wildly unpopular with others. first, here's what fox affiliates are covering. in no, the macy's parade. the the tight leash on the giant balloons were on in gusty winds. in miami with a vacationing doctor who saved a child from drowning at a hotel pool. this is a live look at st. louis. the big story there, thousands of shoppers foregoing turkey seconds for first crack at the black friday bargains. that's tonight's live look from outside the belt way on special report. we'll be right back.
[silence] for those dealing with the struggles of caring for a loved one, we hear you. visit for advice and support. people who are not eating or watching tv right now may be getting an early start on holiday shopping.
brian in new york on a new tradition that not everybody is embracing. >> this is a typical black friday rush. it's the start of the busiest retail season of the year. now major retailers are opening on thanksgiving. >> shopping on thanksgiving is becoming a new tradition. retailers are listening to their customers and really just responding to demand. >> some major retailers open today. target, toys r us and best buy. wal-mart is open as it has been the last 25 years. first time ever, macy's is opening at 8:00 p.m. it says last year's midnight opening on black friday was such a success. the national retail federation says another reason stores are open thanksgiving is because the average american is expected to spend about $738 this holiday season. about 2% less than last year. shoppers are mixed about whether it's the right thing to do. >> people can wait 12 hours
before they start their shopping. >> they're hoping at 6:00 p.m. you could still spend the day with your family and come in for later shift at night. >> marshal, costco and. c. richard and son sent out a message. >> the labor advocacy group said retailers are ruining thanksgiving for underpaid employees. >> workers don't have the option of staying home. many are hungry for hours and have to go in. >> perhaps pilgrims saw this coming. in some states it's illegal for stores to be open. a sears franchise owner defied corporate orders to stay open
thanksgiving. >> i don't understand how they can have us open on thanksgiving. this is something we haven't seen in the past. now the corporate giants are taking over our thanksgiving day. >> the struggle between tradition and a tough economy continues. in new york, brian, fox news. >> while lawmakers are celebrating with family and friends back home, there's a ton of work file piling oun their desks here in washington. cameron reports a lot needs to be unwrapped by christmas. >> president barack obama pardoned a turkey before thanksgiving. john boehner released a video including a preparation of a feast without an apron and flashing the argyle. the expression of national ggra
back to the agenda. before the holiday the president took a fundraising swing to point out immigration reform has been stalled since 2005. >> it's long past time to reform the immigration system that right now doesn't serve america as well as it should. >> the senate has already passed the comprehensive package. the house plans to break hit into separate bills and move slowly next year. there are other priorities and looming deadlines. the obama care website remains a mess. it's unclear what will happen to millions who's policies are being cancelled. in less than seven weeks, congress has to fund the government or trigger another shutdown. the food dispute the over a year late and hurting the economy. in 10 weeks congress must agree to borrow more money and raise the $17 trillion debt again. it will not be easier unless lawmakers actually learn ed from
the one that drove approval ratings to that shall lows in october. >> it's not easy. it will be real difficult. i do think there is a renewed commitment to avoid a shutdown. perhaps that didn't exist before. >> it's going to make a rough start for the upcoming midterm election year. the president's status will be further tested. in order for any of these to get done, the first order of business is getting obama care # straightened out. few think that will happen any time soon. >> it covers every piece of legislation. happy thanksgiving. >> thank you very much. that thanksgiving din hner could be a lot more expensive next year. steve goes in depth tonight. >> you may need to bring extra cash to the grocery store to buy milk selling as high as $8 a gallon.
there's no farm bill. there's supposed to be new authorization every five years. right now it's a year overdue. if there's no bill by this year's end, the 1948 agricultural law would kick in and force the dairy farmers to pay exorbitant prices for milk. it would create a shortage for everyone and drive prices sky high. that bill is stalled over whether to pay subs cities to farmers to protect against possible crop failure horse help with crop insurance to pay out only when there's actually a failure. the other big sticking point is the $80 billion a year supplemental nutrition program. the s.n.a.p. used to be called food stamps. recipients since president barack obama took office. democrats in the senate bill could cut $4.5 billion. >> the bottom line here is i'm
willing to negotiate and compromise as long as we have a farm bill that doesn't make hunger worse in america. i don't think you can get a bill passed without the adequate you in addition. >> still no break through. at least one republican is optimist optimistic. >> i think it's normal you have tensions any time an authorized bill comes to the end. look, i think we can get this done. i really believe that. >> a compromise on the farm bill fell apart last week. it may be too late to reach the agreement, pass the bill and get it passed by the end of the year. >> thank you steve. still ahead, how to get your name out front in the presidential race without spending a dime. first inside the israeli air force to see how it's preparing for a possible strike on iran.
hello awl. i'm in kabul, afghanistan. want to wish my family at home in california a happy than
we are thankful for men and women keeping us safe serving in afghanistan. president barack obama spoke with ten american service workers over the phone. two from army, navy, marine, air force and coast guard. the jewish holiday hanukkah begins thanksgiving this year. jews in israel are working hard
to make sure the freedom to worship they celebrate is not taken from them. tonight we have special access to one of the ways the jewish state is protecting that freedom. >> reporter: each time an irali air force takes off for a training mission, the cost runs in the tens if not hundreds of thousands of. it was the only way to practice the real thing until now. >> it looks like when you're landing an f-16. >> a new simulator makes it nearly impossible to tell the difference between flying in the air and make believe of everything from formation flying to low level combat missions and dog fighting. >> reporter: designed by israeli defense systems, the simulator looks like a private i max theatre with the cockpit for the only seat. thanks to them for granting fox
news, we have agreed to conceal their identity. >> you can come here and do the same flight before you do it in real life. >> what make this is so unusual is not only the realism but the ability for pilots to train as they fight flying through formation with other squad members in a simulator just next door. >> once tasked with protecting the jewish state from neighbors, the israeli air force has a new mission planning a long range attack on iran's nuclear program. >> very small country. our air space is small too. it takes several times to get the range they want. >> now pilots practice the 1,000 mile trip to iran and back seeing the exact terrain they would in route. >> i can fly the different phases of the mission. i can fly low level and train
when i'm short on fuel. >> before pilots took off on combat missions having looked at satellite images. now they can virtually fly over dozens of times. >> learn there your mistakes. you can even fail. it's better to fail in is simulator than in real life. >> a valuable tool when it comes to a possible attack on iran. failure is not an option. in jerusalem, fox news. fascinating view there. iran is inviting united nations inspectors to a facility linked to the unfinished reactor to produce weapons grade material. the offer for access to the heavy water plant comes a week after the deal between iran and the west. it's not part of that agreement
to ease sanctions against iran. back here at home, a growing course of jewish leaders is joined by several members of congress. religion correspondent lauren green responds. >> secret police header quarters in spring 2003, soldiers found a he brew bible and scrolls. >> it was a remarkable experience to see remains of the heritage of the jews what they say babylonian. >> hussein stole the items you persecuting the jews who lived in the region. today just five individuals remain. in the deal signed in 2003 with the iraqi government, the 2700 items were shipped to washington
d.c. for preservation and digitizing. the arrangement required they be returned. jews living in the u.s., europe and israel insist the treasures belong to them. >> because this archive was taken at gunpoint, it's effectively a prophesy a little like the prophesy nazi stole from jews in europe in the second world war. >> the iraqi ambassador said it's part of iraq's heritage not just jewish heritage. >> i'm sure for historians, they'll find this fascinating to give different perspective that jews had it. documents clearly state they were an integral part of the community. >> the state department is scheduled to arrive it to iraq next year. >> this is the new you iraq, one that recognizes the value of jewish history. >> if the archive is returned to
iraq, it sets a dangerous precedent allowing countries to claim property as their own. in new york, fox news, lauren green. >> thank you lauren. there's one family not giving thanks for its two cats today. an obama administration official has a not so lov
and now some fresh pickings from the political grape fine.
here's a strategy drawing its fair share of criticism. shortly before leaving his job, he announced hundreds needed to be laid off. the budget cuts did not extend to his quarter million bonus. he still got it on top of his $700,000 base salary. he's due for another bonus despite the layoff. in jerusalem, a woman is fined $140 a day for refusing to circumstance si circumcise her son. the woman says she has no right to mute lies her son who's now a year old. the court worries letsing this go through unchallenged would
set a precedent. you may have heard dogs have masters and cats have a staff. a tennessee man left his cats $250,000 in an estate and 4,000 square feet home. the will is legal and insists the cats should be cared for with the money. when the cats dies, the human airs can move jake out but has to keep caring for him. the cats got distracted by a piece of string and offered no intelligible comment. you and your family may be turning attention to the christmas holidays. fox news media analysts and hosts of media buzz looks at political name droppers who are dropping their own names. >> it was almost a decade ago, howard dean was a contender for
the democratic presidential nomination. now dean tells buzz feed some people are trying to convince him to run in 2016, and quote, you never say never in politics. the former vermont governor isn't likely to challenge hillary clinton. he gets to grab a spotlight, a game that plenty know how to play. elizabeth warren is garnering attention. an article touted her hillary's nightmare in 2016. she's giving no indication she might run, but it's off and running. >> there's a structural reason for someone to challenge hillary from the left. all it needs is a vehicle. >> she could make life unpleasant for hillary for sure, could bloody her up in the primary. >> montana governor also making noises. maybe he'll run. vermont senator sanders tells the free press if no other
aggressively liberal democrat jumps in, he will. >> is that where a progressive running for president could step in and raise those issues? >> the answer is yes. >> being mentioned as a possible contender helps with visibility with fund raising and street credits not to mention speaking fees. on the republican side, political runs the headline, jeb bush 2016 according to sources saying there's a 30% chance he could become the next bush to seek the white house that also means there's a 70% chance he won't or won't even think about it until next year. running for president, even as a long shot is a sure fire way of getting attention. maybe your own cable news gig. ask al sharpton, i huckabee and beg begin. the sky will soon be filled with
more trial balloons. >> thank you howard. talking turkey about obama care. the president wants you to d th. we'll get reaction from the fox all stars when we come back. i'm in kabul afghanistan. i'll like to wish my family a happy
test so what did you want to talk to me about? >> we know you don't have health insurance. we love you no matter what. it's time to get covered. >> that's it, health insurance? >> it's important. i know, and i'll do it. i just thought, never mind.
>> there you have it. little bit of a commercial airing these days brought to you by organizing america, encouraging young people so badly needed on exchanges to start getting serious about health care. the trouble with that and the president is urging in the organization america to talk about this over thanksgiving dinner, is this, a tweet dana in new york produce this morning. she said at thanksgiving practice good conversation stranger danger. your guard is up. don't talk politics. help them change the subject if they do. our congressional correspondent, kirstin powers and charles krauthammer. the best new seller book that's perfect for a stocking stuffer
now for shoppers. got that in there. what do you make of this? >> i want to make it clear. i have banned all political talking points from my thanksgiving table. no matter what advertisements they run or suggest, this remains a problem for the administration. the reason it does is because you the law if you understand and covered it is designed to be disruptive and overhaul the american health care system. the problem is the president sold this bill, this law, to americans as something that wouldn't disrupt anything they didn't like and tinker around the edges at things they didn't like. given the hit to his credibility to his cancelled plans, given the problems to the website that may or may not go away. he's going to have a hard time selling that and the law. that's the challenge for democrats. can they sell now the law as
disrupted as a positive thing versus what they said previously? if they can't, that's a problem. >> we heard the chairman say the website is still crashing, not delivering what the american people want. we hear also latest information from the insurance industry is that they're worried about the accuracy of the estimates they've been outing on the site. they may have to change the premiums they promised subscribers. >> the advertisement was cute and funny. it didn't explain anything in terms of what anybody was supposed to do or how it work or where they're supposed to go or why they should have health insurance for example. the idea parents are afraid to bring it up to children they should get health insurance is absurd. even though the administration has said if it's running properly, the website should
handle 50,000 people in a country of 300 million. in the best case scenario, they're going to have website problems. why drive them to a website that isn't going to work. we see they're trying to tell unions don't start pushing people towards the websites. we're afraid they're not going to work. it's not functioning the the way it's supposed to be. >> charles. >> i love the part of the ad where the dad says, we love you no matter what. what's the dad supposed to say? you don't get health insurance, you're out of the house, out of the will. i'm going to euthanize your dog. you've got to wrap him in unconditional love and talk about health insurance? it's ridiculous. it's creepy. the essence of the state they leave you no haven from politics. there's no place that ought to be yours and outside of politics
as the family table especially with a large turkey on it and everybody gathered around from all over the country. they want you to talk about that their political agenda. obviously it's nothing serious. it's just the tone of this which is just wrong from the beginning. fix the website and let us have our turkey. >> the fact remains the website is not the primary problem here. >> well, the real problem is after you fix it and everybody discovers as indicated before, the whole purpose of obama care was to kick millions of people off their plans so they entered the exchanges where they end up paying, particularly the young are going to pay twice the market rate of their premiums. that's the wage of design. they're going to overpay so you can then subsidize the people who the government told us would
be able to insure for free. now everybody discovers the lunch is not free. it's coming out of your pocket and comes after you lose your health insurance. >> this may be a be too much but some suggest the poor performance of the website is by design. robert mary in the washington times as we quote, as more and more americans find health care plans fading into blif yan, the result will be societilele disrupti disruption. thus obama care will die. liberals will want the huge push for the big enchilada, the two single pair system. >> there are 10 to 15% of the public believing the laws should have been more to the left. a lot of people don't like the law because they think it's too far left. i don't think the move would be
to crash this and try to do things along the line of a single payer system. >> it's absurd. nobody ever thought let's do obama care, be completely incompetent, show people the government can't handle health care and try to get a single payer system. that's a illogical way to go. there's less appetite now. there was never any frankly for major health care reform. there's less now among american people. >> there's one axiam in washington. given the phenomenon of utter incompetence and design, choose incompetence. they can't organize a two car funeral. this cascade of events all worked out. >> is that looking at the glass half full or half empty.
>> coming up next, what congress wants for christmas.
>> test. test. >> test.
my bottom line here is i'm willing to negotiate and compromise as long as we have a farm bill that does not make hunger worse in america. >> i think it's normal that you have tensions and angst any time an authorized bill comes to the end. but, look, i think we can get this done. i really believe that. >> congressman jim mcgovern and steve sutherland talking about the farm bill which has been bottled up in congress for the better part of the year largely over the snap program supplemental nutrition assistance program most people know as food
stamps it has expanded dramatically over the obama administration 10 million people. republicans want to reduce it in size. democrats find that offensive. but only one of the issues that is facing congress when they come back from their thanksgiving recess, among the other issues, obamacare, of course, which colors everything. also, funding the government. they have got five weeks before another government shut down looms. the farm bill which i just mentioned of the federal defendant ceiling has nine weeks to raise that $17 trillion of debt. also, immigration reform and then minimum wage bill which harry reid will certainly bring to the floor. great distraction from obamacare. david, do you want to tackle what congress can accomplish next few weeks that they have? >> not too much. immigration is dead. if you think republicans are going to distract by obama care by bringing up a volatile issue on which they are split on policy. people would like to get some stuff done but there is a big disagreement, and you haven't been paying attention to congress: the
budget is an area where they are going to do something between now and january 15th. there is no appetite for a shutdown, i think on either side. and it's possible that maybe the farm bill, maybe some of these areas you will get a few things done. even in the senate where that's where the shutdown ended, since the democrats changed the rules using the so-called nuclear option, i expect slim and none activity between now and the election because republicans are just very upset about how that went down, fair or not and their not going to help democrats do anything other than that which really needs to happen. maybe the budget, maybe defense authorization, that's it. >> kirsten be the dynamic has changed dramatically since the last government shutdown. >> the dynamics changed in a couple ways in that the government shutdown has been bad for republicans and then obamacare happened. but at the same time i don't think we can expect another government shutdown. hopefully the republicans
have learned their lessons from what happened last time even if it has since been overshadowed by obama care. they can quickly hand something to the president if they wanted to and make them look bad by having another shutdown. so, hopefully, we won't be seeing that game again. >> charles, there is a bit of a conundrum for republicans because obama care and defunding it, delaying it was the center piece piece of the republicans' position on the shutdown. cruzes and senator lees of the world were proven right. >> the beauty of the production' position today today -- republicans position today delivered by democrats. ha it been delivered by republicans before it was enacted with a defunding or any other measure, liberals would have said for 100 years we try to get national healthcare. and the republicans have thrown orphans in the snow again. this time you can get a revolt in the senate that's already started it was suspended temporarily while obama said we are going to fix the web site.
senate democrats who are up for re-election next year are in a panic. they have been quiet. they're not going to remain quiet. when the web site is not working in december, when tens of millions of cancellations are going to go out, next year among people who have employer-provided insurance, there is goi a revolt and it will be democrats who do. this and that, in and of itself, will be a blow to obama-style liberalism of a kind that would take a decade to recover from. >> at the same time, the administration and the democratic policy and communication center are urging democrats to go on the offensive and support of obamacare. >> it's the best strategy, really. because, when you are faced with a problem, this big, being on the defensive isn't going to help. so you can go on the offensive, be aggressive, and hope that things turn around and at least people are going to wonder why do you feel so great if things aren't so good? it doesn't mean it's going to help, but it's really the best of a lot of bad options. >> we are out of time for
the segment because i want to invite you all to offer what you are thankful for this thanksgiving before we have to cut to break. >> more than i can get n about 15 seconds, but my wife jenny and my son jake. there aren't many words but i'm very thankful. >> kirsten? >> yeah, i would say for friends and family and particularly my two little nieces khloe and mataya. >> charles? >> correct answer, barack obama. as woodward, bob woodward said richard nixon the gift that keeps on going. >> all right. and i will offer mine as well. tomorrow is my third year anniversary at fox news. i used to watch this program religiously long before i was employed here to. have this opportunity to sit here at this desk on a part-time basis even once is something i'm very thankful for to be with such esteemed colleagues like this. thank you all for that and that's going to do it for the panel. but stay tuned for a look at the real life hunger games that will be taking place
wrapping up a relaxing day at home there are some that will be making their way through the black friday gauntlet with scenes that look like they are right out of a movie. >> this friday -- the end -- has only begun. >> black friday. >> so truth is scarier than fiction, i guess. that's it for "special report." i'm doug mckelway; "on the
record" coming up next. by my large american family. i'll give hello, everyone. happy thanksgiving. i'm kimberly along with bob, eric, dana and andrea. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." happy turkey day, everybody. we are thankful to have you with us tonight, and we're thankful for our troops and so many other things this unique american holiday. happy hanukkah to all those that are celebrating. let's kick things off with some great interviews by the college news website campus reform. one of the reporters wanted to find out how much college students actually know about the history of thanksgiving. wasn't pretty. >> the pilgrims, a group of people